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The Signs That You Need A New Roof

Most people do not take the time to properly check their roof and see if they need a new roof.  One of the reasons for this is that most people do not know what the signs are which signal that you need a new roof.  The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you check your roof twice a year and look for the signs that you need a new one.


Start Inside

The first place to look for the signs that you need a new roof is inside the house.  You should take a flashlight into the attic and check if your roof deck is sagging.  You also need to look for signs of leaking and water damage.  Any dark stops or trails are a sign that your roof needs to be replaced because it is no longer waterproof.  If you see outside light filtering in through the roof you also need to have it repaired. 


Going into your attic to check the roof is important because you want to have the roof replaced or repaired before the problems reach your interior ceilings.  If you find any of these problems then you will need to have the roof replaced as soon as possible. 


Exterior Checks

Once you have completed an internal check of your roof you need to look at the exterior.  The points to pay attention to will be any missing shingles, damaged flashing, rotting or algae growth.  Any green spots on the roof should also be considered as they could be causing damage to the tiles or materials below them. 


When you inspect your roof you need to look at whether or not the shingles are bald, torn or cracked as they will need to be replaced.  The areas around the chimney need to be carefully inspected as this is where loose materials could be found.  Other vents, pipes or penetrations need to be inspected as well. 


Take a look in the gutters to see if there are large amounts of shingle granules which will look like large sand grains. A lot of granules is a sign of serious wear and a sign that you need a new roof.  You also need to look for any signs of mold, rot or moisture.  Wet spots may not be directly under the faulty shingle as water travels to the lowest spot before dripping.  


The gutters and drainage need to be checked and you have to ensure that it is securely attached.  Cleaning out your gutters at this point is also recommended because it ensures that moisture is drained correctly.  The vents that lead from the bath, kitchen, and dryer should also be checked to ensure there is no rot or mold.  


Looking for signs of damage is the best way to determine whether or not you need to have a new roof.  There are certain interior and exterior signs that you have to look at including water damage and damage to the external roof.

Recommended Flooring Types You Need To Know

There are many different types of flooring that you could install and each offers a different finish to your rooms.  There are certain types of flooring that are recommended for certain rooms. 


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are the best option for rooms which need to have waterproofed floors.  Ceramic tiles are versatile as they can be used on floors, walls, and countertops.  One issue to consider with these types of tiles is that the ones with a high gloss finish tend to scratch over time.  If you are looking at outdoor flooring then you should look at unglazed tiles. 

There are some other issues that you need to know about these tiles.  The first is that the grout lines of the tiles can be hard and difficult to clean.  If you have low-quality tiles they are also more likely to chip. If you are looking for a company to install tiles in Memphis then we can be of help! Our technitions are experienced in tile flooring so you can trust their work.


Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is very popular and gives you a combination of durability and beauty.  Hardwood flooring can be made from a range of woods including oak, pine, pecan, and maple.  The primary benefit of this flooring is that it is durable and long-lasting.  If there are any scratches on the wood the finish can be redone.  

A problem that you might find with hardwood flooring is that certain types of wood will darken over time.  This will change the overall look of the floor and could change the look of the room.  There is also the chance that the wood shrinks or expands creating gaps on the floor surface. 


Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for a cheaper option then laminate flooring is ideal and very easy to maintain.  Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, chipping, and burns because it is very durable.  If you have a high-traffic area in your home then this is the best flooring solution. If you are looking at a high-moisture area then you need to find laminate flooring that is made for this.  


Marble Flooring

Many people do not realize that marble tiles are both versatile and durable.  It is possible to use these tiles on your floors, walls, and columns because they are easy to maintain and clean.  You can also have these tiles engraved with designs or change the colors that they come in.  Marble tiles come in a range of different sizes to suit your needs, but they will generally be more expensive than other types of flooring. 


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a greener flooring solution that is a newer addition to the flooring market.  This type of flooring is elegant, durable and comes in a variety of colors including light tan and honey brown.  The grain orientation of the planks will usually be vertical or horizontal.  

There are a number of issues that you might find with this flooring.  The first is that the wood could darken over time when it is exposed to sunlight.  It is also important that you not leave bamboo flooring wet because it could cause discoloration and other problems.

How To Choose Your Roofing Contractor

The roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It is the main element that protects you against rain, snow, and winds, so it has to be solid and reliable. This is why you need to choose your roofing contractor with great care. You can't afford to compromise on the quality of the materials or on the workmanship, so you have to do your research properly before choosing someone to install your roof.


The first thing to do is to decide what type of roofing system would be best. This depends on the climate you live in, as well as on the raw materials available in your area. If you live on top of the mountains, you may prefer to have a wooden roof, since wood is readily available in such areas. On the contrary, if you need a roofing system for a beach property, you might want to consider reeds or other similar materials. The shape of the roof is also influenced by the weather conditions. Heavy snowfalls call for sharp roofs, with big inclines that prevent snow from accumulating in huge amounts. Besides, these roofs need to be calculated to withstand the additional weight of the snow. Ignoring such things may attract severe problems during snowy winters.


These are only a few reasons why you need to be very careful when you choose a company to install your roof. Moreover, you should make sure you pick someone with a wealth of experience in projects like yours. You can check their professionalism and their skills by asking for a few references and by contacting their former or actual clients. Some of these people may even allow you to visit their property and to take a look at the work done by the contractor. If you are in the Memphis area you can trust the professionals at Scotts Complete Home Service. We know which roofs best-fit weather conditions and your house type. Also, Our experienced roofing technicians deliver the best service for roofing in Memphis. 


Last but not least, you should check that the contractor has all certifications and licenses required by law. Moreover, they should also have a good insurance coverage. Accidents happen, so it's a good idea to make sure you'll get compensated for your loss, should your property get damaged during the installation works. You should also check that the builder takes all safety measures for their workers to avoid getting injured. The last thing you want to remember about the construction of your house is the terrifying accident of one of the workers. By choosing a responsible contractor, you can eliminate the risk of such accidents. Wearing protection equipment is mandatory for securing the safety of such construction works. Responsible contractors are aware of this and are willing to take all required measures, regardless of the additional costs. You can rest assured that the technitions at Scotts Complete Home Service are licensed and bonded to serve in TN, MS, & GA. This meas you can trust our knowlege to get the job done right. 


As you can see, there are a few things you can do for maximizing the chances of a smooth installation of your roof. Moreover, by doing an in-depth research on the various options, you can make the best choice of shape, materials, and technology. You can have a secure and solid roofing system to keep you protected from the elements. Any professional builder would tell you the same thing.

Top Home Improvement Tips You Need To Know

At some point, most homeowners will think about completing home improvements.  However, it is important that you carefully think this through as home improvements could be costly and take a lot of time.  There are some tips that you should consider when you look at home improvements that you want and are looking to complete. 

Choose The Right Home Improvements


Knowing that you want to do home improvements and deciding which home improvements to do are very different.  It is recommended that you always start with the improvements that will actually add value to your property.  Some people think that this does not apply to them because they are not thinking about selling, but any funds you pour into your home should offer some form of return on investment. 

Tackle Urgent Problems


There are some home improvements that you might be thinking about that urgently need to be done and others that are not very urgent.  You should always complete the urgent ones first even if they are going to cost more or take longer.  There is a reason why these improvements are urgent and completing them will likely save you money in the long-run. 


Of course, while you tackle the urgent improvement you should also look at the quick fixes.  If an improvement will take you 10 minutes to complete then there is no point in putting it off.  This can also offer you a nice break from the more urgent improvements that you have.


Should You Do It Yourself?


There are many home improvements that you can easily complete yourself, but there are others that should be handled by a professional.  It is important that you know what your limits are and start with small tasks if you are new to DIY.  One improvement you should leave in the hands of professionals such as ourselves, Scotts Complete Home Service, is roofing. It is very dangerous to try and repair a roof if you are not experienced. The likelyhood of falling or not using the right supplies is very high.  With that said , having a long weekend and a fully stocked workshop does not mean that you will be able to tackle all home improvements.


Use The Right Tools


There are certain essential tools that you will need for any home improvement and you need to ensure that you

have them.  Your toolbox should have at least some basic plumbing tools, screwdrivers, a hammer and some pliers.  It is also handy to keep any notes or instructions that you come across in your tool box just to remind you

what you are doing. 


Have A Proper Budget


Before you start any home improvement you need to have a budget.  When budgeting you can decide which parts

of the project you can spend a lot on and where you should be cutting back.  The areas that you should spend the most money on are the hard to replace items such as bathtubs.  However, you would be able to skimp on the fixtures because they are easier to replace at a later date.  


Home improvements can add a lot of value to your property if they are done correctly.  You should always look at the urgent improvements first and budget for each one.  It is also important that you know the limits of your DIY capabilities.

Ways To Improve Your Home's Value

The following tips are not too costly and can significantly increase the value of your home.


1.    Invest in some landscaping. According to a survey conducted by HomeGain, investing in landscaping is most likely to increase the market value of your home. Start off with the obvious things like mowing the lawn and pruning the hedges. This gives your home a well-maintained look.


2.    Fix up the exterior of your home. If any windows are broken and paint is peeling work on that. A surprising thing that can increase your home value is getting a new roof. A new roof indicates a house that is well-taken care off. Do not neglect the front door of the house, repaint or replace it if you have too. The pleasing aesthetic effect brought about by fixing the front door are a sure way of increasing a home is value. 


3.    Upgrade your kitchen. This is the room that adds the most value to the house. The first thing to do is make the kitchen functional. Fix the sink, get rid of scuff marks on countertops, and tighten loose cupboard handles among other things. Once these are done, you can move on to the next stage depending on how out of date the kitchen is. If it is too old fashioned you might have to spend more to update it, but most kitchens require simple touches like a new coat of paint or a dishwasher.


4.    Renovate the bathroom area. Realtors agree that it will guarantee an increase of value of your home. A well-maintained bathroom is a sign of a well-cared for home. Simple things like replacing a toilet seat, removing old rust spots, replacing the handles in the bathroom would give it a great new look.


5.    Repainting the rooms is a sure way of increasing the value of a home. If you are trying to resell it is obviously not advisable to paint the whole house. The kitchen and bathrooms are the first candidates for a paint job as they probably have the highest amount of people going in and out of them. Go for colors that are neutral like white and off whites. Very brightly colored walls always reduce the value of a home.


6.     Try and create the feeling of space in your home. This might include removing a wall, removing an island in the kitchen or other small renovations to give your home a more spacious feel. The trend nowadays is leaning more towards being able to cook while watching your kids play in a different room or still hold a conversation with someone in the living room as you prepare dinner.


7.    Try and let as much natural light into the house as possible, consider installing sunroofs or wider windows if possible. This helps keep the energy bills down and gives warmth to a room. Another option is to use bulbs with high wattage in small spaces to make them feel bigger and use low wattage to give warmth to large empty areas.

Roof Repair Budget: Issues That Influence The Repair Estimates


Roofs cater to two functions in your home; protecting your family and belongings from the weather and that of providing structural support to your house. Roof repair is an issue that cannot be overlooked because doing so means disrupting the two core functions of the roof. What stands out with every type of roof repair is the fact that it comes at considerable expense. The costs differ depending on various factors such the ones mentioned below.

Roof Type

Roofs came in different sizes, styles and made from different material) and these influence the roof repair cost and demands. Flat roofs, hipped roofs, gabled roofs, shed roofs, and mansard roofs, are just a few of the roof types available today and these can be made from materials such as tiles, shingles, asphalt, or metal.

The size of the roof will be an issue to contend with because it is the next thing after roof type that influences the repair estimates. Most roofing contractors will quote a price based on square footage. As such, the roof style, type of materials used, and size of the roof can see the roof repair cost from a dollar per square foot to as much as $10 or more per square foot.

Local Regulations

Any construction or renovation job is governed by guidelines set by the local authorities. Therefore, you need to get the necessary permits for the roof repairs. Different states have different regulations and charge different construction levies with issues such as the value or size of your home factored into the equation; this can significantly influence the cost of the repairs. However, some states charge a flat rate for permits.

Extent of Damage

The degree of damage to the roof determines which repair is needed and therein the overall cost. An insignificant water damage due to a minor leak in a small section of the roof is an easier, and less costly fix and the same applies to repairs where roofing fixtures are easy to remove and replace. However, if the magnitude of the damage is extensive, chances are the structural integrity of the roof is compromised and thus a simple patchwork will not suffice. Such an extent of damage calls for a major overhaul of the roofing construction to ensure that all damaged sections of the roof are adequately repaired and/or replaced.

Roofing Fixtures

The more roofing fixtures, the higher the repairs costs if the fixtures get damaged. While they may add to the overall aesthetics of the roof, fixtures such as skylights and chimneys only complicate the repair process.

From the above information, it is apparent that roof repair estimates are not only influenced by the features of the roof but also the roofer. Given the need for having the necessary roofing skills and knowledge, it is advisable to consult with a roofing contractor to get accurate estimates and do a proper repair.If you are looking for a roofing contractor in the Memphis area then contact us at Scott's Complete Home Service.

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